Who am I?

I’m a 30-something wife, mother, sister, and daughter living in the Suburbs.  I’ve been married to my high school sweetie since 2000.  We have 3 children, Two girls and a boy (in that order).  I am home during the day with my two youngest and by night I work for one of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers.  I’m Girl Scout leader, a scrapbooker, a wanna-be photographer, a reader, and a lover of the outdoors (but I sunburn easily!).

I’m trying really hard to balance all my obligations and still find time for myself without going crazy.  I’m very passionate about certain things and try very hard to stick to my devotions.  I’m working on simplifying our family’s life and finding the joy in the simple.  I’m trying to live more frugally as our family works through some difficult times. 

I’m not a perfect wife and mother, but I’m trying my best to be the best one I can be.  I try and sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.  But above anything else, my family goes to bed each night clothed, fed and loved more than they will ever know.


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