Realistically Crafty

Way back in my pre-kid days, I picked up a great hobby of Scrapbooking from my Uber-crafty friend, Mary. 

Pre-kids, I had TONS of time to gather, document, craft and scrapbook our memories. 

Then I had kids. 

Baby #1 has a multitude of scrapbooks of her first two years.

Baby #2 has a few less

and poor Baby #3 has even less than that.  But he still has some……

But I found that the way I was working before, scrapbooking our lives and memories for all of our posterity to enjoy, just wouldn’t work for the life we are living now.  Both parents working, opposite shifts no less, three very active kids and our struggles with our economic situation.

But I still wanted to record those memories and USE the pictures I take.

And then I found scrapbook genius and my new hero, Becky Higgins. Okay, so I didn’t MEET her meet her.  But I was introduced to one of her products, Project 365.  It is a Picture of the Day (POTD) format where you take a picture each day of something in your life.  It could be your breakfast, part of your routine, something exciting that happened that day, anything really.  And you put it in the album, day by day, week by week with a little journal of what the picture is, what happened.  Awesome.

I did this for 2009 and it was liberating.  Awesome.  I loved it.  The entire family got into it.  Seriously, even my husband loved it.

So I’m doing it again for 2010 with her Project Life

Her kit gives you everything you need.  Seriously, the only other thing you need is your daily pictures and a pen.  That’s it.  Seriously.  Totally realistic.

I print my pictures a week or two at a time from Snapfish or Walgreens.  Becky swears by Costco.  And I take about 20 minutes to update the album and then I am done.  Easy Peasy!


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