Realistically Going Green

One of the hardest things for me to do, is to go against the grain (our friends and family are very mainstream) and be green. 

It’s just so easy to buy the snack size packs of things for lunch boxes, juice boxes/pouches, disposable water bottles, sandwich baggies and the like.  It takes a little more effort to buy the bigger bag and separate it out into reusable bags, use a reusable water bottle, etc.

But it’s SO important.  And realistically, it’s a baby step process for me.  I started 2010 wanting to kick our Green-ness into high gear.  But I didn’t want to do too much too fast and not keep my family on board.  So each month, I picked a new thing to change.  January was a switch from plastic sandwich bags to a reusable container for sandwich in lunch boxes.  February was a (failed) attempt at composting, which I intend to try again later this summer. 

We’ve always recycled so that’s not a big deal, but I’ve tried to recycle more. 

I’ve also tried to use what we have before buying more.  Why have 3 half used lotions and buy a new one?  Use what we have first.  And along those lines, find a new purpose for something.  I keep my paper craft scraps and use them for other crafts or for the kids to use for art projects.  Cereal boxes have become magazine holders, etc. 

On one of the many blogs I follow, Simple Mom, today’s post is about Earth Day, which is April 22.  40 Tips to Go Green At Home (Besides Recycling).  I think this list is totally realistic, and even the most unorganized, busy family could try and be successful at most if not all of them. 

Try it and let me know!

Whether you take the big leap and do them all at once.  Or baby step it like me, it can’t hurt to try!


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