Trying Tuesday

So last night I got home from work about 1:30am, this is a little later than normal, but fairly typical.  I could not sleep!  I tossed and turned until 4am.  It was brutal.  I was hot.  I was cold.  I couldn’t get comfortable.  Hubby was hogging the bed.  You name it.  And then my alarm went off at 6:45 am, like it does every morning.  Ugh. 

Most days I get a nap, anywhere from 1-2 hours. But today, of course, I have something important I have to do during my usual nap time.  So no nap for me today.  And of course, I work tonight (as usual).  I am going to be dragging my tush all night.  Wonderful. 

Is it too early to be looking forward to Wednesday’s nap time?  I think not. 

So today, my Trying Tuesday is just trying to stay awake.


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